Carla and I wanted to extend our most heartfelt thanks for your assistance in preparing our tax returns for 2013.  What breath of fresh air!  As a former military officer we have lived in 14 different areas over the past 28 years and have always struggled to complete our tax returns due to the frequent changes in our lives.  This last and final move to Pennsylvania was perhaps the most difficult.  We lived in three states, retired from the Air Force, rented our house and essentially  were il-prepared to file our returns for 2013.  Your quiet, confident professionalism made a difficult process extremely easy.  More-over you shared easy ways of making 2014’s return a snap!  I never thought I’d ever say this to a tax professional, but we actually enjoyed the experience!  My family and I are looking forward to a long and profitable relationship with you and the superb professionals working in your office.  Thankfully yours!

Alvis and Carla

Nive Dhanak handled our corporate and personal tax accounting. Their work was consistently punctual, accurate and reflected a balanced understanding of the intricate relationship between our personal and business taxes.

Please accept this letter with sincerest thanks on a job well done! It surprises me everytime when you consistently raise the bar and surpass my greatest expectations on the Preparation and Planning you provide for me and my company on both Personal and Business levels. You help ease the fear and build the confidence in moving forward day in and day out!

I know my cost upfront and knowing that I can call as many times as I need is a relief.

Joe, Downingtown

You helped me understand the reports and my numbers….I don’t feel so clueless!

Carla, Malvern

Your advise with the tax planning helped us save so much money in taxes. Thank you for being pro-active. Reviewing our compensation package and helping us understand how much we would save with additional contributions to our 401K and the deferred compensation package saved us tons of money.  Helping us with a strategy on when to exercise stock options was a useful exercise we were not aware of before.

Kris, Exton 

Thank you for going through my tax return with a fine comb…you helped me save taxes and made suggestions that were very helpful to me.

Tom D, West Chester

I know I can trust you to keep me out of trouble with all the deadlines and compliance issues with the taxing authorities.  I can concentrate on what I do best and delegate the financial record keeping to you.

Jim, Bryn Mawr

…You helped simplify my record keeping saving me time and money.

Jean, Malvern